Green Pastures Restaurant

As I adventure into the bee hive it gets more and more amazing.  They have been very busy capping off honey.  You can see the photo from today where nearly the entire frame is capped off.  The before picture was about 45 days ago and they were starting to cap it off.  

Today I did insert a new super in between the two boxes.  Separating the two boxes was fairly easy to do.  I am estimating the bees can cap off honey in that super in about 2 months.  We will see how the drought impacts us.

Even though I appear to be resistant to bee venom the concept of getting stung is not thrilling.  The more I hesitate the longer I take to get the job done.  

You can really see the impact of these great pollinators in your yard.  I can see they are going to have an awesome impact on our fruit trees this spring.  The apple trees should do really well.

Time to get some honey harvesting equipment.