Green Pastures Restaurant
Shiner Bock Wild Boar Sausage

10#    Wild Boar Shoulder, Ground coarse

   Hog casings rinsed well

1/4 C  Fresh Garlic Chopped

2.5oz  Salt by weight

2 T   Black Pepper cracked in pepper mill

1oz   Sugar by weight

36oz Shiner Bock Beer

2 T Celery Salt

2 T Onion Powder

Cube and coarse grind the boar.  Weight salt and sugar.  Add to boar with dry spices and mix.  Add beer and continue to mix.  As it mixes it begins to come together so that when use squeeze the boar it forms a shape in your hand.  Between 5-8 minutes.  A mixer with a paddle works well to do this.  Rinse the casings extremely well.  

Use a sausage stuffer to put the boar in casings. Smoke, Grill, Broil, Saute and enjoy.  

This recipe has no added fat which is traditional in sausage making.  This sausage does better when not overcooked.  Because there is not any added fat the flavor of the boar comes out and is not hidden behind conventional farmed pork fat.